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California Native Orange Poppies with Organic Rice Hulls 2.3 oz.

Heirloom Rainbow Flowers Colorful, Carefree Zinnias 2.3 oz.

California Giant Zinnias

Southeast Wildflower Mix

1/2#-$14.00, 1#-$25.00, 5#-$105.00 

Baby Blue Eyes, Crimson Clover, Bachelor Buttons, Lance Leaf Coreopsis, 

Perennial Gaillardia, Evening Primrose, Corn Poppy, Black Eyed Susan, California 

Poppy, Plains Coreopsis, Annual Gaillardia, Rocket Larkspur, Lemon Mint, White 


Renee Scatter Cans - $15.95

Colorful and Carefree Wildflowers 2.3 oz. 

Candytuft, Baby Blue Eyes, Five Spot, Chinese Houses, African Daisy, California Poppy, California Blue Bell, Shirley Poppy, Birds Eyes, Dwarf Godetia, Clarkia, Globe Gilia

Flower Power for Nature's Pollinators 2.3 oz. 

Chinese Forget Me Nots, Baby Blue Eyes, Single Chinese Aster, Corn Flowers "Polka Dot Mix", Shirley Poppy, Sweet Mignonette, Tidy Tips, Virginia Stock, Creeping Daisy, Clarkia, Globe Gilia, Lemon Mint, California Blue Bell, Lacy Phacelia, Tall White Alyssum, Plains Coreopsis 

Endless Bouquets Cut Flower Garden 2.3 oz. 

Calendula, Chinese Forget Me Nots, Baby's Breath, Bachelor Buttons, Cosmos, African Daisy, Alyssum Tall, Black-Eyed Susan, Candytuft, Zinnia, Clarkia, Larkspur, Marigolds, Plains Coreopsis, Shirley Poppy, Annual Gallardia, Catchfly, Godetia, Poppy, Sunflower, California Bluebell, Evening Primrose, Lavatera, Strawflower 

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