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Dalen Holographic Scare Tape™ - Full Spectrum Ribbons for Frightening Birds (3/4" X 100 ft)

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Reflects full spectrum and Ultraviolet light for scaring birds and pests. Protect your plants and have a bird free zone in your garden, balconies or terraces.

Product Benefits:







  • ADIOS THIEVING BIRDS: Reflective scare tape keeps your gardens safe from those crooked birds as its shifting holograms will shimmer beautifully in sunlight confusing the bird’s eye view and scaring them off.
  • MODE OF ACTION: Along with being shiny in the sunlight, the Bird repellent scare tape was built with a double-sided reflection for a pronounced and maximum effect.
  • GOES WELL WITH MULTIPLE LOCATIONS: Holographic scare tape not only safeguards your cherished fruit trees, berries, or grapevine but is also an excellent choice for windows, balconies, and railings to keep your porch and terrace bird-free.
  • TOP-QUALITY: Bird deterrent scare tape is crafted with a strong, sturdy, and non-toxic material guaranteed to last longer while preserving the environment to be healthier and pollution-free.
  • EASY TO USE: Bird repellent tape is quite user-friendly created with a mirror reflection double-sided tape for optimal performance. Just cut the strips you need and place them all over the area you want to veer birds off from and relax while the tape works its wonder.


Ward Off Nettlesome Birds – With No Harm Done!

Tired of those annoying and vexing birds that steal all your favorite fruits and berries from your garden? Drained from all the work you put into bringing up those plants and trees yet left with not a single fruit to enjoy with because of those pesky little birds?

Scare away all those annoying birds that are after your hard labored fruits. Cut the strips of bird repellent scare ribbon and tied them over the place of most interest to the birds, sit back and enjoy the show!

Why is this product for you?

With their reflective and shimmering feature, the flash bird deterrent tape scares away birds keeping the feathery visitors to a minimum without harming the birds in any way. With this scare tape, you can protect your plants or have a bird free zone in your garden, balconies or terraces. Designed with heavy-duty and durable material this scare tape is a premium choice. Its double-sided reflection produces pronounced and maximum effect while sturdy material keeps reflective tape long-lasting. 

Some amazing features of this product:

  • Double-sided reflection;

  • Made of heavy-duty and durable material.

Enjoy a bird free zone with Holographic Scare Tape™!

Note: This Product Does Not Harm Birds, only Repels Them. 

Scare Tape ribbons are non-adhesive 

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